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The 3rd Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry of the University of Minho will be held at the School of Science, University of Minho on the 26th of May 2017. 

This symposium will bring together researchers from academia and industry to present some of the hot topics in the field of Medicinal Chemistry.

This one day symposium includes plenary sessions, invited and selected oral presentations, poster sessions and a round table aimed at researchers, students and all professionals practitioners with interest in this area.


László Kiss, Medicinal Chemist Manager, Laboratory of Chemical Research, Department of Research & Development, BIAL - Portela & Ca., S. A "Discovery and Development of Opicapone: A Potent and Peripherally Selective Catechol O-methyltransferase (COMT) Inhibitor for the Adjunctive Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease".

Maria Matilde S. D. Marques,  Centre of Structural Chemistry, Department of Chemical Engeneering,  Instituto Superior Técnico "Biotransformation-induced toxicity. Challenges in drug design".

Luís Arnaut, Chemistry Centre of Coimbra, Department of Chemistry, Universidade de Coimbra "How to discover and develop innovative medicines in Portugal? The example of redaporfin".

Carla Rosa, Head of Chemistry, Fine Chemistry Department, Tecnimede Group "Discovery of Lead Molecules: Molecular Design, Synthesis and Pharmacology".

Sérgio Sousa, REQUIMTE, Faculty of Sciences, Universidade do Porto "Making the Use of Protein-Ligand Docking in Drug Discovery More Effective".


For other questions and comments send an email to

26th May 2017

University of Minho,
Braga, Portugal

Poster submission deadline extended to May 15.

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